Picture this…
Circa 1998. I had a friend who was under the impression that he was a good boss. He believed he spoke in the right tone and treated those under him with respect. NOT!

In reality, he was the type of guy that would bark requests at his secretary. For example, when he asked her to get him a cup of coffee, he thought he was being very polite. But what came out of his mouth was simply a gruff, “COFFEE!” 

Sometimes we don’t see ourselves as we really are. It’s like we are blinded by visions of grandeur. Whether we are leading ourselves, our families or a group of people, this can have a very negative and lasting impact.

Think about it…
Have you ever looked deep into a mirror, past the reflection, to the inner you? Would you like to? Many would say no to that question, but the truth is that if we have the courage to face ourselves so that we see what others see, change can happen.

Try this. Ask 2 or 3 people who know you very well, and who you can trust to tell you the truth, what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you are perceived by others. If you have the courage to do this and listen intently- without jumping down their throat- I think you might come face to face with a new reflection. One that will put a smile on your face (as well as the person getting you the coffee!). Don’t have anyone you can trust? Well, that’s something else to think about.