Picture this...
When I was around 23, I was a hotshot staff accountant at the Witco Chemical Corporation. My aura at the time was that my poop didn’t stink. Other people’s might have, but not mine.

 I decided to venture out and look for a new job. A headhunter set up an interview for me in a nearby town. I don’t remember the name of the company, but I sure remember the meeting.

My interviewer was a young guy who immediately made me feel very confident and very comfortable. About half way through the interview, I planted my feet firmly on his desk. We talked about women, partying and all of my considerable conquests. When I left, he gave me a slap on the back and told me he looked forward to seeing me soon.

I left feeling absolutely positive that I had gotten the job. When I arrived home, there was already a message on my machine. The call was from my headhunter.

Her first message was this, "Joe, I just heard from the company and unfortunately, you did not get the job."  When I heard those words, my heart sank. The rejection didn’t make sense to me. I thought I had connected with the interviewer on a "spiritual level".

But the next words that came out of her mouth changed the way I looked at myself. She said, "Oh, by the way, he has a message for you: ‘Grow up’!"

Think about it...

I realized too late that during the interview, the interviewer was testing me. He wanted to see how far I would go. He opened the door, and I just ran my mouth. What was impressive to a 23 year-old whose life was a mess was VERY unimpressive in the real world! Have you had a similar "testing"? How did you do? Perhaps some changes need to be made in your life so that when you feel comfortable in an initial meeting, your true self will be just the ticket.

Joe Pellegrino is an author, speaker and consultant for Not Just An Average Joe, LLC. Have thoughts of your own? Send them to joe@notjustanaveragejoe.com. ©2017 Not Just An Average Joe, LLC.