Recently I took a limo from my office to the airport. The trip took only 30 minutes, but the depth of the conversation will stay with me. My driver, Anthony Polo, was familiar with me and started a conversation. Now to be honest when I travel my schedule is usually packed leaving me with very little downtime, and even less rest. So, on my drives to the airport, I like nothing more than to put my head back and relax.

But there was something different about this ride. Over the course of the short trip I discovered a lot about my new friend. He was 61 and married to a special lady suffering with a degenerative bone disease. While he thanks God daily that his wife is not in constant pain, but he knows that one fall or accident could be catastrophic.

He shared how he cared and loved her, despite his own trials. According to Anthony, he should have been dead a long time ago. He was in a severe motorcycle accident that should have taken his life and received a death sentence due to a nasty cancer not too long after. As if that weren’t enough, he was most recently the victim of a corporate downsizing that left him unemployed for a long period of time. He expressed to me how he couldn’t understand why businesses wouldn’t want to consider a seasoned 61-year-old professional to help navigate the corporate waters. But he was told of a position to drive folks like me to where we need to go, and he loves it. It enables him to meet and speak with a lot of interesting people

Knowing Jesus as his savior, he was secure in eternity, but he determined to live out whatever time God granted him with adoration, appreciation and by loving people. What does that look like? Well, he ensures that all his conversations are seasoned with salt because he never knows if it will be the last time he ever speaks with someone.

Man, I loved that! I also loved his passion as he spoke. And I thought I was a passionate guy! Anthony has been given a clean bill of health. His Savior healed him but that didn’t change his approach. Now he is even more exuberant sharing what his Lord did for him.

Every day he builds on a powerful legacy, one that spreads encouragement and love. Tell me do you approach trials in your life with self-pity or hopelessness? Or do you look at it as an opportunity to bless others? All I know is we all need a driver in our lives who is there to give us a lift! Thank you, Mr. Polo!