Picture this…
One day I was driving when on the radio I heard the hosts talking about crazy things people do. A caller started to tell the host that a friend of his is so looney about his lawn that before people leave a party at his house he begins to rake the foot prints his guests left behind! Funny but this didn’t sound abnormal to me. The caller went on to say “Yeah my friend, Joe, sure loves his lawn!” Gasp! Could they have been speaking about me? As the caller kept talking I realized, “I know that voice.” It was then it hit me, he was most definitely speaking about me.

I don’t know about you but when I leave this earth I sure don’t want people remembering me as the man who truly loved his lawn! What a legacy!

Think about it….
Right now what do you think you would be remembered for? Being a good husband, a good dad or maybe just an insane sports fan? Know this. You WILL leave a legacy, good or bad. The choice is yours. Maybe the legacy you have built is not something you are happy with. The great news is today is an excellent day to begin to build a more positive legacy. Legacy lives long after you are gone so what are you waiting for?