Picture this...
I once received a chain email (which by the way I hate!)The email explained that there are some people who are so close to their dogs that they end up looking like them. It stated that because of all the time spent with the dogs, playing with them, cleaning them, even eating with them, the person begins to take on a bit of their dog’s likeness. As I read on it seemed hard to believe, but when I scrolled down to see the attached pictures, I burst out laughing! There were several side by side comparisons of people and their dogs. While obviously the people still had their human traits, the similarities I saw were unbelievable! From a woman who looked like her poodle to a scruffy old man who looked like his bulldog, these people really did resemble their dogs.

As I sat down and thought about it, I realized it really does work that way, doesn’t it? We really do take on the traits of those with whom we closely associate. While sometimes this can be beneficial, many times this pattern works negatively. Bottom line is that bad company corrupts good character. You can see this pattern occurring so many times with young people. They find popular kids, athletes, movie stars, and the like to look up to. In an effort to be just like them they try to dress the same, talk the same, even decorate their bodies the same with tattoos and piercings. I always find it so interesting how the “role model” relationship works. Essentially, there is a very shallow image of the model presented. This image is displayed either as a result of personal perception, a movie appearance, a television interview, or something along those lines that makes people in need of a model to think, “This is who I need to be like.” Is it really?

Think about it
I issue you a challenge today. Think about who you hang around with and who you look up to. Write down what they have in common and what they stand for. If you have the courage to do this I bet you will find that the commonalities of what they share represent who you are or are becoming. Like what you see? If not it’s time for some new friends!

Joe Pellegrino is an author, speaker and consultant for Not Just An Average Joe, LLC. Have thoughts of your own? Send them to joe@notjustanaveragejoe.com. ©2017 Not Just An Average Joe, LLC.